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Our Mission

At GvD, we strive to use gaming and esports as a vehicle to deliver Mental Health Literacy (MHL) programmes to gamers around the World using unique, bespoke workshops. We also aim to reduce mental health stigma, increase help seeking behaviours in gamers and promote positive lifestyle changes that facilitate positive mental wellbeing. Our overarching goal is to equip gamers with the tools to manage their own mental health and the ability to help and support others.

What’s in our Inventory?

We provide online and classroom based Mental Health Literacy programmes, consisting of interactive and engaging content. Additionally, we supply resources and training designed to improve gaming performance as well as promoting positive mental health. Covering aspects such as exercise routines, diet and other useful guides to boost your stats and upgrade your wellbeing.

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The GvD Community

This is a place where gamers can feel empowered to talk freely about any problems or concerns they make have with likeminded peers, without any fear of judgement, prejudice, or discrimination. We game together, and support each other on and off the virtual field of play, it’s that simple! Check out our Community page and join our Discord server for more information!

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Hear from our Champions

Eleanor Carr

I’ve had my fair shares of issues with mental health and this is why I am very glad that there are organisations like Gamers vs Depression around to help.

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